Tips For Selecting Wholesale Apparel Distributors

Wholesale apparel distributors can be accessed in every place as they offer great discounts that are lower than usual wholesale prices. Most of them have loads of mixtures of apparels for men, women and children. They include clothing and accessories that are offered at great customer returns, clearance and shelf pulls. Some offer great brand name merchandise. These few considerations to factor in when selecting an apparel distributor will help the seller meet the needs and requirements of customers as well as increase sales returns.

The customer should ensure that the wholesale apparel distributor has a good reputation and is consistent. To do this they should check out the various online sites that have information on different types of distributors. Check out the testimonials to help you in the selection. Find out the different types of apparels they are distributing and check out the specific companies that offer this while keeping in mind their years of experience in the clothing business.

Select a wholesale apparel distributor who offers clothes and accessories that are of high quality. Those who deal in popular brands are recommended as the items they offer are fast moving as well as cheaper for customers. The distributor should also offer a wide range of selection that would enable all clients to get items that would fit them. The same goes for the price as customers will be able to get those that fit their budgets. Selecting a solitary wholesaler is also a good idea as it gives you the chance to haggle for discounted prices.

Personalized Bridal Apparel – A Must Have For Any Bride

Bridal apparel such as trendy t-shirts, tank-tops, sweatshirts, hats, handbags, lingerie and swimwear can make the bride feel like she is the star of the show during any pre-wedding event. The hottest trend in bridal apparel is personalized bridal apparel that includes “Bride” or “Mrs. ____” monogrammed on her favorite outfit. Brides can even customize their apparel with matching Bridesmaids outfits. With all these choices, your wedding party is sure to be the talk of any event.

A favorite among Brides is the Bride tank-top that adds sparkle with swarovski crystals spelling out “Bride”. You want to shine and this is a sure fire way to stand out. A coordinating wedding ring broach pin can be added to create that extra drama to any outfit. These can be great for any pre-wedding event, consider them for your bridal shower, bachelorette party, and on the day of your wedding. Another great option is a custom swimsuit with “Mrs. ___” on the back of your bikini, a great idea for your perfect honeymoon with your Husband!

A great gift for your wedding party is customized Bridesmaid apparel. This is just a small way to let your wedding party feel how special they are to you. Allow them to feel how much you care about them by this small token of appreciation. They will love the thought and the mere fact that you are including them on the most special day of your life!

And just so the Groom doesn’t feel left out, there are many options available now as grooms are becoming more involved in the wedding process. Consider a t-shirt custom made for him that he will proudly wear displaying “The Bride is Mine” or “Groom (Under New Management)”. There are many more choices available for the Groom and his Groomsmen.

There are also options for other parties of the Wedding, including ring bearers, flower girls, mothers of the bride & groom, and fathers of the bride & groom. Hats or a jersey baseball shirt displaying “ring bearer” can be the perfect idea for the little man. Your flower girl will love having a custom-made tote with her name proudly displayed on the front or a “flower girl” t-shirt. Mothers are the hardest to please but they will love showing off their new tees or handbags all over town. And for the fathers, add that special touch with a monogrammed handkerchief that is sure to be a family heirloom.

No matter what option you choose, personalized apparel and accessories is a great gift for all member of your wedding. Let those who are special to you know how much they are appreciated. Pamper yourself with blinged-out bridal apparel so that you are the star of every event. You can’t go wrong with these great choices.

Selling Custom Uniforms

For most people, the word “uniform” conjures up the image of an antiquated, formal style of dress we thought had crept quietly away during casual’s clamorous entrance onto the scene. In the “hospitality” sector, this would mean the elaborately liveried doorman, the flight attendant in a tres chic, gray flannel suit buttoned tightly to the neck, the bellhop in the waistcoat, or, alternately, the teenager behind the grill at a local fast food restaurant with the simple embroidered polo shirt.

One might even wonder-given the current popularity of more laid back, yet higher end, retail-driven apparel (not to mention an atmosphere of rabid individualism in the workplace and elsewhere) how the uniform market has survived at all.

The acceptance of a more casual appearance in corporate culture has done for the uniform sector what it has for every other portion of the promotional apparel industry – awakened a demand for more unique, creative, retail-oriented styles. Wisely, manufacturers of uniform apparel have taken cue from these casual fashion trends and have emerged with a refreshingly relaxed, festive, unique look to their pieces.

Evolution aside, though, the “new” uniform market continues to fulfill the same crucial role for those in the hospitality business looking to enhance their brand recognition and image. Restaurants, hotels, airlines, theme parks, and other such service industries rely on uniforms more than ever to complete their branding package of logos, colors, and graphical images. These are visual representations of their company that appear on everything from letterhead to mugs.

Knowing the market’s current viability, the question becomes one of how you may differentiate yourself from the growing swell of promotional apparel suppliers, when selling custom uniforms. Service, timing of delivery and an understanding of their customers’ markets is what sets high selling promotional apparel vendors apart from the pack.

Yet, in order to provide the kind of service customers require, vendors must not only be able to meet deadlines and accommodate their clients’ schedules, but also must have a solid understanding of the unique industries they’re serving. Any successful attempt at cracking a new niche begins with research. Distributors really need to understand the specific niche they’re targeting, to be able to provide it with appropriate garments. Approach each institution with the idea of supplying all their uniform needs, from desk clerk to restaurant server to cook. Many times, an easy sale is lost because a distributor is too focused on selling a single item to a hotel or restaurant, rather than looking at the big picture.

Consider looking for long-term contracts that offer repetitive business. Find the parent company of the local chain restaurant, and make contact with the person in charge of ordering their uniforms. Though selling locally has its merits, promotional apparel distributors should try to capitalize on the interconnectedness of the hospitality industry and to foster relationships with the bigger players.

Smaller and less marketing-savvy companies that are typically in greater need of marketing assistance and, hence, make for easier sales targets. Many such companies may even look to promotional apparel distributors for ways to upgrade their current uniform program, as opposed to larger companies who do much of their promotional marketing internally.

When targeting new establishments, small businesses or the otherwise uniform-challenged, emphasize the importance of uniforms to a company’s brand recognition. Cite one of the many marketing studies that show how adding a uniform program where there was not one already can boost sales, it is one of the best sales pitches. For those who already buy uniforms, she recommends offering ways to improve their current program. Visiting your target hotels or restaurants to study their color schemes, logos and overall image is a great way to generate creative ideas to present to a potential client.

For your client companies that are vying for recognition in an over-crowded, media-blitzed marketplace, image is everything. Whether with catchy slogans, colorful logos or unique promotional apparel, finding creative marketing solutions is often the difference between a company’s success or failure. Fortunately for promotional-apparel distributors looking to explore a new market niche, many companies in the hospitality game have turned to uniforms as part of this solution, generating a demand for unique, specialized and often retail oriented uniform apparel.